What summer feels like in the Southern Hemisphere

In Buenos Aires the summer days take me back to my motherland, to sticky days in Malaysia where the mosquitos are thriving and I spend my days sweating and drinking loads of Coke and lemonade or anything with sugar in it.

In Patagonia they are like the cool summer evenings of Sweden, where the air is still crisp and the water is still cold and I still need to wear a jumper when the sun goes down, although it’s the middle of summer.

Summers in the Southern Hemisphere are days spent chasing for a pool in the middle of the city or staying inside with the aircon on and sleeping between 3pm and 5pm. Or they are days sitting by Lake Nahuel Huapi at Playa Bonita with the wind in my hair not wanting the sun to go down.

Summers in the Southern Hemisphere make me forget about the utter boredom of January and February in the north. 


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