1. HI Madelaine!

    This is Diane, editorial coordinator of Mabuhay Magazine, the official-in flight magazine of Philippine Airlines. I got your information from Ailsa Ross.

    I’m emailing to ask if you’d be interested to write a feature about the hipster dining and shopping options in London for our July issue? 700 words although we have a tight deadline as we’d need it by June 9. Let me know if you’re interested and can work with the deadline.

    To get all questions answered right away, our rate per word is US$0.20. Let me know if you can work with this budget.

    Please do get back to me at diane@eastgatepublishing.com and we can discuss further. Thanks so much and looking forward to working with you!

  2. Hi Madelaine,

    I’ll be brief, I’m sure you are busy. We are a new travel startup, Grabr.io, that allows travellers to make money on their trips by bringing stuff and goods for a fee!

    We are launching our app on September 21st, presenting it at TechCrunch Disrupt.

    I love your articles that you have done on Matador Network, especially the one about expressions in Swedish.
    I though I should ask you whether you’d be interested to guest-post on our blog.

    Our blog posts are related to efficient travel, food, shopping, products, travel photos, etc. (https://grabr.io/blog/)

    Please let me know if that is something that sounds engaging to you and what are your rates.
    We will be promoting your posts on our Social Media and Newsletters.

    I appreciate you reading it so far!

    Please feel free to ask any additional information.

    Many thanks!


    Olga Feoktistova,
    SMM @ Grabr.io


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