All roads lead to the Andes

This is what it feels like to follow your instincts.

I hear the Andes calling and my body answers without hesitation. We both remember that time by the lake in Bariloche, when I was twentytwo years old and for the first time felt like I was exactly where I wanted to be. But it was to get distracted and I took a different route that lead far away from you. Maybe I wasn’t ready to commit, but somehow I always came back to you, to that same feeling by the lake in the Patagonian Lake District.

Eight years have passed, but I’m still hungry for you. There’s not a moment to think, to reflect or to question whenever we meet. I can feel it to the core of my bones. There you stand in all your glory – pompous and rock solid and I’m just a little girl. There are not much to say, we both know that we belong together. That you are the backbone of me and whenever I tremble and limp you stand tall.



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