Workaway in Brora Scotland

Volunteering has never really been my thing. I know it sounds like I’m a selfish child of the 80s who does not think of the wellbeing of others, but just of my personal success.

Well first of all don’t judge. I’ve just been slightly annoyed over the years when volunteering has become a new travel business. Where people actually are charged a couple of thousand pounds to go to Cusco in Peru to build a school for children, or bath elephants outside of Chiang Mai in Thailand. I mean what the f?! Why not invest that money in the project instead?

Ok, end of rant and back to Brora. Volunteering with horses, yes, in norhtern Scotland through a site called Workaway. Great, no charges (except for about €20 for signing up, but I can live with that and probably the horses too, instead of just watching their food money get poored into someone else’s admin and profit).

Scooping poo, cleaning buckets, and occassionally go out to trail rides and have awesome gallopps on fast little ponnies in exchange for food and accommodation. Worked for me.

Boyfriend + dog of the House Glen on our way to fetch some horses in the paddock, Brora Beach, Scotland

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