Sauna time in the South of Sweden

It’s freezing cold (ok not that cold, around 12 degrees in the water) and it’s time to go skinny dipping!

There’s this Swedish phenomenon called “vinterbada” which literally translates to winter bathing. It’s by the sea, there’s a sauna on the pier, and either you warm up before you go in to the water or you don’t. Depends on your level of stamina. Either way you most certainly do it afterwards if you don’t want to end up with a nasty cold. It sounds a bit crazy, yes I know, but it’s supposed to be very healthy and increase the level of endorphines in your body.

In the south of Sweden you can do it in Bjärred, Malmö or Helsingborg. Keep in mind: It’s not for sissies.

It takes you a bit to get out to the sauna (and the restaurant where you can have a meal afterwards if you think you deserve it), but doing it just when the sun sets like in this picture actually makes it worth it.


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