Spain – June 2012

Spain, there’s something special about it. Although more than 50 million international visitors are of the same opinion there are still some spots in the country which are  unsurprisingly free from tourists.

Even Valencia, Spain’s third largest city, was more or less dead quiet. Especially during siesta, which most of the days happen to take place when my stomach screamed of hunger. Not the best of timings, but at least there was tapas to save the day…

Image  Orange trees in the park that once was a river. But because rational thinking was prioritised after a particular bad flooding in 1957, the flood was drained and turned into a park – The Gardens of Turia.

Gotta love the squares, the cafés and the architecture
Iniesta, so this is what you do when you’re not busy on the field?


Morella – a beautiful mountain town between Valencia and Barcelona – with lots of locally produced groceries, narrow cobble stone streets and stunning views. It was love at first sight.


Morella, Spain



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