Paris je t’aime

There we go. I said it. I just love Paris. It may be pretentious, conventional and just such a cliché, but anyone who thinks so just doesn’t know any better. I’m a francophile: I love the whole idea of chic (one of my favorite words btw) Parisian cafés, effortlessly elegent French women and men and fine dining.

A part of me actually wish I was French (that’s pretentious my friends, but there you go). Cecilia (one of my best amies in the world) and I hit le town a cold weekend in March a couple of years ago (when I still had long hair). There was lots of walking, eating and little sleeping (and a classic Madelaine: falling flat on her face. Cecilia still laughs quite hard when she thinks of it).

Here are some pictures to enjoy.

By the Seine on our way to Le Marais – a new favourite area of mine in Paris. Great shopping and awesome falafel.

Waiting on the Metro. Public transport is the way to go.

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