The Melbourne Shuffle

There are some things you know that you just feel the urge to share with everyone. The Melbourne Shuffle is one of them. Getting in to the subject of the Melbourne night life, someone mentioned the phenomena,which every Melbournenite know about, but no one has the balls to demonstrate. Techno dance at it’s best and it makes me die of laughter.

Never would I have thought that the memories of horrific teenage clubs, that I regretfully filled with my presence a decade ago would be revived in the country down under. But travelling is all about the unexpected and reminiscing fellow 15-year olds in bright green and orange outfits with similar coloured short wands playing around in there mouths, I don’t know which is worse; the fact that I’ve been to places where people dance like this or the fact that it does still exist. Either way; it’s hilarious. Have a look yourself!


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