Rio de Janeiro

Oh Rio I don’t want to leave.

You definitely have a vibe and lightness

to you that I’m going to miss.

Your hot, humid and chaotic and

undoubtedly beautiful with your lush

mountains, long beaches and tropical trees.

Then there’s the other side;

the shootings, the muggings, the cartels

but you carry these two polarities

of danger and happiness

of life and extreme death

like it is the most natural thing in the world

It’s like you know how valuable life is

whilst at the same time it is not valued at all

But with

your charm and effortless seductiveness you

make it very easy to accept the danger that

you have. Or at least to play by

the rules that you come with

I take Ubers from door to door

remove my gold necklace as I arrive after

dark to your bus station

and never take my phone out in the street

It seems like a very small price to pay

Because if I do this you let me enjoy the

lightness of being, despite any hardships

that might lurk around the corner.

You embrace me with light as I dread

the heaviness of a dark and cold Sweden.


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