I’m trying to be fair and give Tulum a chance but I hate it with a passion. I hate the white yoga Alo pants that the girl in the breakfast place is wearing for her morning smoothie based on dates in the neighbourhood of La Valeta.

I hate how Anwar at the hotel, although he seems to be a truly genuine guy, recommends me a vegan taco place when I say I want some Mexican street food and I hate the overpriced taxi rides that should be MXN 50 but is MXN 250 for tourists.

The only thing I like so far is that the woman at the local taco stand gave me a MXN 15 credit when I was short on cash. At least some sign there is some kind of authenticity around.

But then when I sip on my morning coffee and hear the group of four Americans order avocado and toast I throw in the towel.

Tulum is not for me.


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