Tasmania – part 2

I’ll write about the house parties

sitting outside underneath the stars

drinking Crabbies

throwing up on the street

with the taxi driver nearly

refusing to take me home

I’ll write about

the rock climbing

at Eagle Hawk Neck where K

saw the Great White Shark in the ocean

whilst his friends paddled off shore

I’ll write about

about taking French at UTAS

the skinny dipping in the Tasman sea

and climbing up Mount Nelson

passing by wallabies eating grass

I’ll write about being in love

and on first dates camping

sleeping in the back of a truck

Maybe I’ll mention K

or hiking on Cradle Mountain with T

as the trees turned yellow, orange and red

Underneath a clear blue sky

But most importantly I’ll write about

the island that gave me life and some of the

happiest moments in my life


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