We’re already planning to have cake together from Maria Bolinho.

Will probably have wine by the rock or watch the sunset at Praia de Veloso too.

I’ll take photos of the sunset and she’ll of the pink light afterwards. Because that apparently is the “best” thing about the sun going down.

Lay on the beach all day, me sleeping on a canga and Lu doing Instagram stories about Ilhabela.

I’ll probably be hungry after an hour eating Pringles because of the lack of other options.

We’ll talk about climbing Baepi and look at the forecast to try and find a day that’s not too hot or too rainy.

And wherever we go we’ll tell stories about our travels and talk about life, choices and our plans.

And every week we’ll go out in Vila or Perequé drinking and dressing up.

So much saudade of those days spend together.


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