Travelling in Brazil

I can say a lot about travelling in Brazil

and how challenging it sometimes can be

I can talk about

the differences I see

as I ride along Av. Tiradentes

watching the homeless crack addicts

sleeping on the streets of São Paulo

and put that into contrast to the

the politician who owns a whole island

off Ilhabela or the second homes in Trancoso

with their own helicopter platform

how confusing it can be to try and figure out

if someone actually mean what they say

or is just saying it to be friendly

and to be conscious about staying out

of drama and silly games

and how challenging it is when

appointments keep changing and

how a car ride back to the island

scheduled at 15.00

all of a sudden changes to 16.30

and then gets delayed by another 40 minutes

but I almost always remember

(except for when I’m too tired)

how much love I have for this country

and its people

and how grateful I am for all

I have learned about myself whilst being here

However, most of all

I’m grateful for

the people that have always included me

even as a stranger

They inspire me every day


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