Travel in 2021

It’s a New Year and I think of how I’ll travel in 2021. It will for sure be different to other years.

I have a sense I’ll be more selective, move around less, stay longer, and avoid crowded places more than ever. Visit places where I know people. That’s what I have in mind at least. Wondering about insurance and borders being closed is something I’ve already been forced to take into consideration. The world is different and travelling is different. It used to be so easy to jump on a plane somewhere. To go from A to B to C to D. To fly from Campo Grande to Buenos Aires to Bariloche to Buenos Aires again and then Sao Paulo. To go from Brazil to the US to Sweden, England and back to South America again.

But it’s not as easy anymore. In 2020 I realised what matters to me, what keeps me going and what travels mean to me. I’ll keep following that inner compass that guides me to places I want to visit and guides me back to places I have been. Where I feel there will be some sort of connection, where I had some sort of deeper exchange.

In 2021 my travels will probably not include going on vacations, mini breaks or weekends away. They’re more likely to be carefully planned trips to places I already love, to see people I have always liked. It will be different; more conscious and considerate hopefully.


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