Valladolid, Mexico

Mexico has treated me well. Thank you Valladolid for your sunny days, kind locals and relaxing vibe. Thanks for all the panuchos and cochinita pibil tacos I have managed to eat. For all the lizards, butterflies, moths and even the occasional frog and scorpio that have managed to find its way to my house in Sisal. Thank you lady for the tamales for ten Mexican pesos I have for breakfast and the cheese empanadas outside Convento de San Bernardino de Siena on a casual Sunday a couple of weeks ago. Thank you all the cute and kind staff at Conkafecito and for the excellent cappuccinos and divine strawberry cheesecake. Thank you Ek Balam for your lush surroundings and quiet morning with the hummingbirds and a lizard as my only company.

Not so much thank you to the taxi driver outside of Ek Balam who did not have the decency to respect the queuing system and was blinded by profit. Or to the local man I passed by walking back from Cenote San Lorenzo Oxman, who shamelessly disregarded his TV in the middle of nature and all the people who dump their rubbish in the lush surroundings of the Yucután peninsula. A heartfelt sorry to Mother Earth and I started wondering where all my rubbish in Valladolid goes.


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  1. I loved Valladolid too! And the trash everywhere in nature is a very common thing in the whole of Central America. Shocking indeed, knowing the disastrous concequence on the environment and animals…

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