Chichen Itza

I get up early on Saturday. At 6.30 just to avoid the crowds. So that I can get the local bus from Valladolid to the Mayan ruins.

I have heard about the hoards of tourists that arrive to Chichen Itza at around noon. Just the thought of crowds put me off. I don’t know what it is but picturing myself among the commerce I find repulsive. Let alone going on a tour. I have to do it independently otherwise I can’t see myself enjoying it.

So I arrive about 8.40, a little later than I planned for but still ok. More people than I expected are already there, but the big parking lot is almost empty so I’m not complaining and the vendors inside are still setting up.

I arrogantly wonder what the fuss is about these ruins, but when I stand in front of El Castillo, the pyramid that has become the poster child for the ancient city, I feel it. It holds its own energy that’s way above me.


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