Corumbá in Brazil

“There’s no other city like Corumbá” I tell him with wide open eyes watching the photo he has just sent me. It’s showing an anaconda next to an outdoor bar patio in the Brazilian border town.

I’m staring at a fat, probably five metre something long giant snake just next to the terrace of the bar VivaBella by Rio Paraguay in the Brazilian state Mato Grosso do Sul.

I remember my days in Corumbá, this off the beaten track border town close to Bolivia and how odd I found it. Mainly because of its unique location. Because it’s situated in the middle of Pantanal – the world’s biggest freshwater swamp, home to jaguars, anacondas, caymans, piranhas and tapirs to mention a few.

Diego, the owner of the hostel where I was staying, told me that a few years ago a jaguar was found in the city.

Puzzled and fascinated I couldn’t get my head around the combination of a medium sized town with paved roads, bars, shops and restaurants and wild jaguars and massive snakes.


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