Places to visit in Brazil

I’m researching the shit out of Brazil at the moment and I get stressed just thinking about all the places I want to visit.

But for now these are the top three places in the fifth largest country in the world that I am longing to go to:

1. Fernando do Noronh, Pernambuco

Whenever I look at photos from this archipelago 350 km off the Brazilian coast I want to jump straight on a plane. First of all because it’s remote. I always find myself drawn to remote and off the beaten track spots. Secondly, which usually comes with the remoteness, the immensely beautiful nature and all the empty beaches. The island is expensive to get to and it keeps the crowds away so meditating on the beach in front of the Atlantic Ocean is highly attainable.

2. Trancoso, Bahia

Hippie chic by the sea. Planning to go off season to do yoga, work and swim in the ocean every morning. Bahian food is also my favourite regional food in the whole Brazil and after a few months in Argentina I’m longing for spice!

3. Mamiraua Reserve, Amazonas

Another off the beaten destination. A natural reserve in the Amazon jungle with two endemic species of monkey as well as jaguars and sea cows (two of my favourite animals in the world).

Photo by me from Cristalino Lodge. One of the most beautiful places I’ve visited in Brazil.


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