Denying myself

I have days, weeks, months, moments when I think I should lead an ordinary life. Create some healthy routines. Doing what it seems like most people are doing.

Lead a more “stable” life. Get up a certain time in the morning, eat regularly, work out on set days, being able to buy a six month yoga pass, but after a few months I grow tired of it.

I see no excitement in going to the same place to work. I see no beauty in a life where people are too busy, too tired, too unengaged, too scared to engage in the  of life.

I see the beauty, the good in eating on regular hours. To make time to cook for myself. Where the concept of skiping lunch is alien.

But the thing about living for the weekends, living for five weeks of holiday every year, living for evenings watching the 9pm telenovela on Globo. That’s not for me.


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