Thoughts from another place

I think I can be healthy. Build something while moving. Do yoga regularly and eat my veggies while travelling.

I’ve had grand plans to meditate every morning, be outside and stay away from soft drinks, but I’ve gradually come to realise that things take time to set up, to grow.

Sometimes I only stay a night, sometimes I stay for a week. Sometimes, when it’s beautiful enough, for three months.

I’m a nomad, a traveller, an escape artist, a free soul, a restless spirit, a dreamer. Depending on who you ask. Depending on my mood.

I’ve stayed three months in Buenos Aires, a couple of months in Epuyén, a few months in London and Sweden, a couple of nights in Fortaleza, a week in Cordóba, a New Years Eve in Pantanal and numerous nights in Jardim Sao Bento in Campo Grande in Brazil.

Some places I have loved more than others. Given more time and space. All of them I’ve left and some of them are impossible to forget.



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