You have to understand that I don’t have the money to travel with you right now.

Those words again.

I don’t think money has anything to do with travel I tell him. Travel is an attitude and to be honest I just think you are lazy when it comes to these things.

My true opinion.

Too lazy to explore. Too lazy to find new ways. Create. Think outside of the box. People who spend their whole lives saying no. Inside I can hear myself screaming no. No, no, no, no, no.

Travel for me is a will to explore.

I think of the many ways he could travel without even leaving Campo Grande. I think of all the places I’ve visited in his birth city that he has never heard of. Like restaurant Ernesto Café/Bar on Rua Manoel Inácio de Souza. I bet he doesn’t even know the city’s only laundromat is LaveUse on Avenida Bom Pastor or that there’s yoga in Parque das Nação Indígena on Saturday mornings. I think of all the ways he could explore without even leaving the city.

The lack of imagination. How truly and utterly unattractive.


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