4 travel wisdoms

Everyone has their own way of travelling, but after a decade of wandering the world I’ve almost found mine (or ask me again in ten years and it might be different). One thing I’ve learned is that things are ever evolving.

  1. Listen to what your heart tells you

There’s a lot of people that will tell you a lot of things, but in the end always listen to your heart. I was on my way to Cholila in Patagonia in Argentina and the land of Butch Cassidy. I had this cabin in mind, where I would write and the land would be wide, but I got off in Epuyén and stood by a magic river and the feeling I felt nothing else could compete with.

  1. Go beyond the ordinary

Think outside the box. It’s so easy to follow the beaten track, to visit the same places as everyone else and read all the top-ten-lists on internet mentioning the same place. Not that there’s anything wrong with conventional sites. Some places that are super popular are also really cool, but so are things off the beaten track. Ask a person on the street, other travellers, go to the tourism office, google, Instagram, use Twitter and listen to people’s stories and keep your eyes open on the road. If it makes you curious, say yes and follow the lead.

  1. Trust your gut feeling

I only tell my friends half of the things I experience when I travel, because the rest I don’t think they could handle, bursting out: “You did what?! You’re lucky nothing bad happened to you.” But they don’t know that my gut feeling has proven to be my best companion whilst on the road.

  1. People make the difference

My best travel experiences I have always been with either no people or the right people. Find those who triggers your imagination, challenge your world view or you just like having a beer with and chat and even the grimmest shithole will turn out great.


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