My South America bucket list

  1. Awasi Torres Del Paine, Patagonia, Chile

Pitter-Patagonia and Kura lured me back into my infatuation with gauchos and horses, wide landscapes and remoteness. Delicately situated on the border of Patagonian national park Torres del Paine, you get jaw-dropping vistas and awesomeness to die for. With your own dedicated guide, a 4 x 4 vehicle and the wild remoteness of Patagonia outside your door it seems to combine natural luxury with comfortable amenities. Hopefully it offers an experience filled with guanacos, barren snow-patched mountains, milk turquoise lakes and a wind that blows you straight back to where you came from. It’s exclusive and not for the faint-hearted budget traveller and cost $3,250 for three nights for two people sleeping in a villa, including breakfast, lunch, starters, dinner and drinks (read alcohol. Yay!).

  1. Rincón del Socorro, Esteros del Iberá, Corrientes, Argentina

I don’t want to see the carpincho (the South American rodent that looks like a giant guinea pig with long legs) turned into a brown leather belt in my closest Arandu shop (although I do love my Arandu shops). I’d much prefer to watch it wandering among the grass in Esteros del Iberá in the North of Argentina and Rincón del Socorro seems like the place for this. Located in the Iberá Wetlands and owned by The Conversation Land Trust there’s not much animal killing going on. Working to conserve the area and its species, eco-friendly is a mantra instead.

  1. Cabo Polonio, Uruguay

Reading books on wide sand beaches on the eastern coast of Uruguay. To live out the boho-chic fantasy of being free and looking effortlessly cool at the same time, wearing a Missoni kaftan among the hippies in Rocha in Cabo Polonio.

  1. Jakotango, San Martín de Los Andes, Argentina

Follow Jakob Von Plessen on Instagram @jakotango and you’ll take the first flight to San Martín de Los Andes, Patagonia, to go riding with this Austrian-Argentinian horseman. Or just watch this video.


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