A love letter to Argentina

I’ve come to love this country for everything mine is not. It was easy to fall in love because I was having such a great time.

Three months studying Spanish in Buenos Aires and a flat share on Avenida Callao in Recoleta. It was the dinners, the drinking, the friends and the city full of life. It was the hiking to Refugio Jakob in Bariloche and the unforgettable ride up to the mountains in Villa La Angostura.

I left knowing I would always come back. I fell in love and I guess I just never let go.

After two lengthy years locked in an office eight hours a day and surrounded by concrete I dreamed of the country where the landscape makes you forget.

I saw the horses galloping and the mountains and endless plains in my mind. I remembered the feeling of peace and I was going to buy the ticket that would take me there.

Went straight from the airport to Retiro and paid the AR$900 for my bus ticket to Bariloche. Hiked up Refugio Frey with my Australian friend Morgan and I reached the top and watched the mountains piercing the sky and felt the Patagonian sun. We took the mandatory “I-need-proof-I’ve-been-here”-photo and after I dipped my feet in the lake and took a long deep breathe.

After Bariloche I galloped on a dried out lake an hour from El Calafate with the wind fighting me and laid down under the duvet in my room and listened to nothing. I couldn’t count the stars and I couldn’t come up with one reason of why I would be anywhere else.


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