Today’s reminder

So I read these article on Matador sometimes and today I came accross an article written by Cathy Brown called “8 things Americans can learn from Argentines”.

Below applies to me today:

“4. How to chill the fuck out.

You crashed your car? ”Que bajón, pero no pasa nada, son cosas que pasan…” (Bummer, but no biggie, these things happen…) Your partner cheated on you? ”Ya fue, ya fue…” (It’s already done, so let it go). In general, Argies stay truly mad for a long time over very few things (ahem, futbol). Life’s too short to not spend it drinking bottles of great wine and having an eight hour asado with a bunch of friends, family, and neighbors every single chance you get. Everything else ‘bad’ that comes up in life? Situations, no más.”



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