Restaurant review: Café Wilder, Copenhagen, Denmark

Lunch time at Café Wilder
Lunch time at Café Wilder

What: Café Wilder

Where: Wildersgade 56, 1408 Copenhagen, Denmark

Metro station: Christianshavn station

It starts off a bit abrupt at Café Wilder. The waitress greets us by a disingenuously tilting her head to the right, telling us the restaurant is fully booked. However, something makes her swiftly change her mind and after asking how many people there are in our company she shows us to a table. Three seemed to have been the magic number.

Café Wilder is what you would call a Danish restaurant with a desire to be a French bistro. It has the white table clothes and an atmosphere of things being straightforward and simple.

At the centre of the restaurant is a bar surrounded by tables closely placed next to one another. It gives it a rather crowded feeling, but for anyone into marketing it might be described as “intimate” and together with the café’s trademark painting of Swedish actress Anita Ekberg – nude and surrounded by empty beer bottles – hanging on one of the walls, “intimate” might just be the right word to go for.

On the lunch menu we later get handed by the stressed-out waitress, we find a selection of dishes with prices ranging between 100-150 DK. Frog legs, along with fresh Danish prawns and homemade hamburgers is a part of the selection. Two of us decide to settle for the two latter options. The third among us is a non-carnivore and is left to the only vegetarian choice on the menu: A Goats cheese salad.

With around twenty tables to serve and what seem to be only two waitresses on shift it takes forty minutes until the food arrives. The prawns we get are neatly served in a white bowl garnished with a wedge of lemon and aioli. The portion is not big, but quality before quantity seems to be the lead motto at Café Wilder.

Peeling off the pink layer of the shellfish unravels bright white flesh, which tenderly unfolds in your mouth when you chew them. The flavours are well balanced. The prawns are sweet, slightly smoky in flavour and with a touch of salt.

The burger is layered with bacon, cheese and pickles with golden homemade chips and an unconventional style of presentation. The ground beef sandwich in front of us has a red chilli standing on top of it, by the help of a wooden skewer penetrating through both of them. The goat’s cheese salad is served with much less frill. Generously sized pieces of chèvre are served on a bed of Roman lettuce and pear, sprinkled with walnuts and dressing.

The food leaves no one disappointed and we would have left Café Wilder content if the service would not have made itself reminded. Wanting to split the bill the waitress gives away a loud sigh and a troubled look, reluctantly snatching the cards from our hands one by one. We leave the restaurant gastronomically fulfilled, although just as abruptly sent off as we were greeted.

Service: 2/5

Food: 4/5

Atmosphere: 4/5

Value for money: 3/5




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