City guide: Malmö, Sweden

Malmö mall runs right through the city. With an assortment of high street brands, cafés and restaurant there is something for everyone.
Malmö mall runs right through the city. With an assortment of high street brands, cafés and restaurant there is something for everyone.

Copenhagen and Stockholm are usually the fashion hubs on peoples’ tongue when talking about sleek Nordic designs. The southern Swedish city of Malmö is not known as a fashion hot spot. However what Sweden’s third largest city lacks in size it makes up in creativity and its will to expand its own fashion horizon.

Situated across the strait from the Danish capital and a six-hour drive from Stockholm, Malmo is close enough to be inspired by its fellow cities but far enough to create its own unique and diverse atmosphere.

The last couple of years there has been a mini explosion of emerging designers and new boutiques have opened on the cobblestone streets. Walking down the mall called Södra Förstadsgatan, one is advised to get off the main street and walk down the narrow streets leading away from the mall. Because then you are in for a small fashion adventure of your own. To discover what the windy 900-year old city with a cute but rugged charm has to offer, you only need to stroll around with an open mind.

Taking a left turn you might discover a nice little café or some good Scandinavia fashion. The up and coming brand Altewai Saome opened its first and only shop on Regementsgatan in March this year. It offers untypical Scandinavian design using bright colours and has a playful approach to fashion. Entering the boutique you are met with white walls and a beautifully constructed pillar in the middle looking like a tree. The clean and simple interior lets the clothes speak for themselves.

Stepping on to Friisgatan, the male designer boutique Très Bien offers men a carefully selected range of designer clothing. From Dries Van Noten to Opening Ceremony the shop gives the small city of 300 000 a reason to boast about its sense for fashion.

Strolling further down south in the city you will eventually get to the eclectic and bohemian area of Möllevången. Once there you are hit with its continental atmosphere and the sweet smell from the Arabic shops. This is the area where the fruit vendors are door to door with cafés, restaurants and bars and not to forget the ecological and independent designer shops. An area famous for its creativity and its overfilled open-air restaurants in the summer; it doesn’t get much better and diverse than this.

Restaurant Belle Epoque, Södra Skolgatan 43, MalmöPhoto courtesy of Belle Epoque
Restaurant Belle Epoque, Södra Skolgatan 43, Malmö
Photo courtesy of Belle Epoque

When you have finished your shopping day out, take a seat at Belle Epoque, a French inspired bar and restaurant and enjoy a glass of red. Or why not have dinner at Blooms with a view over one of Malmö’s biggest parks. Or take a peek into the famous and locally popular cheese deli called Möllans Ost and see if you have enough willpower to come out empty handed.

Visiting this old industrial city, forget about a tight itinerary with grand buildings to visit. In this city you get an unpretentious holiday where there is no important landmarks to tick of your list of “must-sees”. Just relax and enjoy whatever comes your way.


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