Howth, Dublin, Ireland

Me gusta Dublin mucho. Great vibe, friendly people (except for the nasty vegetable vendor on Moore Street who did not let me pick my own tomatoes), and lots of pubs and bars.

Getting out to suburbia was also worth spending time and money on. Howth offered seals swimming around in the port scouting for fish, an endless range of restaurants with fish and lobster (if only I could justify spending €40 of my travel budget on a dish) and beautiful trails along cliffs with waves smashing against them.

Howth houses everything from yachts to fishing boats.
Dream house, Howth, Dublin, Ireland. I could live here.
Feels like I’m on the Continent, Howth, Dublin, Ireland. (Disregard the white woolen mittens you can see me wearing in the reflection)
Seal, it’s a seal!



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