Bethlehem, Palestine

Arriving at the checkpoint and seeing the wall was a bit overwhelming. When you get that feeling in your stomach that something is not right. After eight hours in Palestine it felt like normal and realising how quickly you can get used to something is quite scary. My issues in life felt very small  seeing a whole people living behind a wall. Or like someone put it in Bethlehem: “We live in a prison”.

Of course there is always another side of the coin. Security, protection. According to Israel themain reason to build the wall was to protect the country from Palestinian suicide bombers. I don’t know what to say, I’m not Israeli, I don’t know what it feels like living in a country which constantly feel like it has to fight for its existence.

The wall or so called West Bank barrier was built in 2002 by Israel. Israel citizens are not allowed to cross the border into the West Bank. Palestinian citizens must have special permission to get into Israel. The wall is 670-km long and five meter high.

The West Bank Barrier

A garage in Bethlehem
Sahlab - Arabic milk dessert. It has cinammon, how can it not be yum?!

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