My first koala

I know, it’s such a f*cking cliché, but it has to be done, because they’re so damn cute! My first koala bear and it’s a wild one.

We were on our way to some light house (which we ended up not going to, because they charged you just entering the area) and passed through Otway National Park.

We saw some cars parked along the side of the road and people with cameras, tripods and massive lenses (a bit overkill I would say) and thought: Hrm, there’s something going on here…

And as the Einsteins we are, we were right. There were koalas in the tree tops. They’re not massively entertaining, they do just kind of hang around in the trees, half dozed and high off the eucalyptus. And they most likely have chlamydia as well. So what koalas do is eat, sleep, have sex and get high. Quote of the day: “Those lucky bastards”

A koala in Otway National Park, Victoria, Australia

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