The Australian Fashion Scene

One of the vintage/designer shops in Brunswock Street, Melbourne

One  of the best things about visiting a new country’s is discovering a new area of fashion. Being in Melbourne during the Easter breaks, I must admit that there are some pretty interesting designers in this part of the world. It is like they have a bit of everything. Great vintage and op shops, independent designers and good high street brands.

However some things I just couldn’t get my head around was the naming of stores. Like the name “Sportsgirl” i.e. With that name, who would have thought that this was Australia’s answer to Topshop? I expected flipflops, flowery surfer shorts and cheap replicas of Billabong beachwear. What I got? A pretty nice, boho-chic inspired, overprized mix of clothing, jewellery and shoes. Worth having a look if you happen to be in Australia. They have stores all over the place.

I might as well continue on the shopping advice. For vintage and second hand Melbourne was just great and if you want to get a wide selection of it, head to Brunswick Street in Fitzroy. It is a bit of Melbourne’s answer to New York’s soho, people being very hip and trendy. And just like Soho, they have some good second hand, but a warning; you definitley need to be selective. Some of the shops just have way too expensive stuff you know that they have only paid a dollar or two for. But then there is Clara Fox, which is a vintage shop owned by an Australian woman that has collected her stuff for decades. And it’s proper vintage! It is a bit pricier than the other shops, but the qualitity and the condition of the garments is superb. I bought a Chanel-inspired jacket (as I can’t afford the proper shit), which I’ve happily worn every day since I got it. Clara Fox is situated on 479 Brunswick Street in Fitzroy North, so make a stop if you want to find some unique vintage pieces.

Then finally there is South Yarra, one of my favourite shopping spots. With a lot of independent fashion labels and boutiques, but also some high street brands, I think it is one of the best places to go to if you want to discover new labels. I did end up buying an evening gown here by an Australian designer called Jayson Brunsdon. Not that I’m attending an Academy Awards or Kate and Will’s wedding, but it was too pretty to resist. I’ll upload a picture once I decide to jump into the dress and have a stroll in it it around the house. I would probably have continued to support the Australian fashion scene if could justify to spend my whole travel budget on clothes, but miraculously I couldn’t.

However, I do seriously consider to buy a piece from one of my new favourite designer Kym Ellery. Her stuff is just amazing and I desperately want to get my hands on at least one of her pieces before I leave… If you want you can check out her stuff here.


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