Enjoying Hobart

I don’t know if it needs to be said, but Hobart (the capital of Tasmania) is not what this island has best to offer, but taking it for what it is and spending your time with the right kind of people, it is possible to have a good time here. This weekend, I didn’t really plan to be in the “city” very much, I had actually plans to go to Freycernet, but due to bad weather I never made it. Well, what is a girl to do, than to trade tent, a sleeping bag and walking shoes, to high heels, a clutch and lipstick. On Friday me and a whole bunch of girls (women) went and had Thai food at Suwanee (a restaurant situated in Salamanca) and although it took ages to get the food (my course also came last), the staff and the food was great.

When we turned up (11 females altogether), they didn’t have our booking. Earlier in the evening I had also called them 3 times and tried to add 2 persons to the booking, but already then they couldn’t find it. I gave them the time and everything and under no circumstances could they find it. With the girl on the phone, we together went through all the reservations and the only booking they had for 7pm was under a complete different name, than to what I had been given (and for this booking they had already received three calls for changes during the day).

I did think it was a bit weird, but never did it occurr to me that they never put our booking down in the first place (I mean afterwards I do reminisce a vague feeling of the thought passing through my head, but nothing that I paid attention to).  To my defence I wasn’t the one that made the initial booking and therefore just thought I had received the wrong info, and together with the girl on the other side of the line, came to the conclusion that we would leave whichever booking there was and solve the problem once we arrived to the restaurant. Little did none of us know that instead of having to fit two extra people to the table, we had to first find a table and then fit 11 people to it.

One third of the crew

However, they managed to solve it and we ended up having food for the night. Later it turned out that the girl that had made the reservation had called the Melbourne restaurant and booked a table there. It was found out after an angry person had called the Hobart restaurant and complained about the party of 11 that never showed up… Oops, I guess a minor mistake from our side…

Lesson from the weekend: Always pay attention to the area code when calling and assume there is something wrong when calling a restaurant when changing a reservation and they can’t find it.

The night ended up at Barcelon from where the picture is taken. Please note my left hand. Anyone that has seen “There’s something about Mary” can tell it is my “strong hand”.

This is my strong hand

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